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Former Chandler Vice Mayor and current Chandler Sister Cities, President, Jack Sellers, speaks with Chandler-Tullamore Sister Cities President, Ellen Harrington, and First Year Student Ambassador to Tullamore, Ireland, Lindsay Odil. They're discussing the importance of the sister cities program through educational and economic development opportunities.  Watch the video below.

President, Chandler Sister Cities

Ellen Harrington

Lauren Koll

Kevin Hartke

Involvement in Sister Cities is a great experience. It’s rare to find an activity that is fun, rewarding and important for our future all at the same time. The main thrust of a Sister Cities Organization, learning cultures and building relationships with people in other countries, is very satisfying. But using those relationships as a bridge for international understanding and to develop mutually beneficial economic ties is becoming more critical in our evolving global economy. Chandler currently has two Sister City relationships and we are exploring others. Now, more than ever, establishing and maintaining these international relationships is vital. Learn about Sister Cities and Join Us!

Recording Secretary

Jack Sellers

Jack Sellers

A Message from Chandler Sister Cities President

Vice President/Tainan Chair

Tullamore Youth Representative

President, Chandler Sister Cities

Shen-Yi Michelle Chang

Vice President/Tullamore Chair

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Tainan Youth Representative

Niki Tapia

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Chandler Diversity Office Liaison